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The Four "C's" of Diamonds

The first thing we explain to our customer is that reading about the 4 Cs and actually working with the actual stones are two different things. Nothing takes the place of hands-on experience and that is what we do for our customers. We want you to understand all the characteristics of the stone you choose and how the costs correspond to the 4 Cs.

1. Color - This refers to the presence or absence of color in white diamonds. GIA Color Scale extends from D (colorless) to Z (light yellow or brown):

S - Z
Near Colorless
Faint Yellow
Very Light Yellow
Light Yellow

This is the GIA scale for color. As stated, the farther down the scale, the more overall hue of yellow, or possibly brown, will show in the stone. Color grades are determined by comparing each diamond to a master set. Each letter grade represents a range of color and is a measure of how noticeable the color is:

2. Clarity - is the presence of natural imperfections in or on the diamond. Most of these inclusions or characteristics have been present since the crystal's growth below ground, although a few are actually a result of the cutting process.

The GIA Grading Scale includes eleven clarity grades ranging from Flawless to I3:

Internally Flawless
Very Very Slightly Imperfect
Very Slightly Imperfect
Slightly Imperfect

Diamonds are graded under 10x magnification for clarity. They will range from completely free of blemishes and inclusions to large, heavily included areas visible to the naked eye. Inclusions are in the diamond while blemishes are on the surface of the diamond.

3. Carat Weight - A diamond's weight is divided into 100 points = 1 carat, much like 100 cents to a dollar. Keep in mind we are speaking of weight and not necessarily size.

4. Cut - perhaps the most overlooked important characteristic. Don't confuse a diamond's "cut" with "shape." Shape refers to the general outward appearance of the diamond (such as round, emerald or marquis), while the cut refers to the diamond's reflective qualities. Not only can poor proportions make a diamond look smaller or larger than it weighs, but it affects the "life" of the diamond.

A diamond's beauty is directly related to light: How it hits the surface, the amount of light entering the diamond and in what form light returns to your eye. These 3 characteristics equate to:

1. Brightness - which is the combination of all white light reflecting from the surface and interior of the diamond.

2. Fire - which is the colored flashes that can be seen (i.e. greens, blues, reds, etc.) emitting from the diamond

3. Scintillation - is the sparkle of light that is seen in the diamond and the design of bright and dark regions.

All of the 4 Cs mentioned above need to be seen to really appreciate them. Part of our commitment to our customers is education - come in and let us show you the impact these characteristics have on your purchase.

With each purchase of a diamond wedding set, Kazlow & Associates will give a complimentary home steamer to you.

Buying a diamond ring is one of the most important purchases you will ever make and because Kazlow & Associates thinks every customer, no matter what they want to spend, should be afforded the maximum amount of time and care that we can give.

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